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Welcome to Redlineguide.com
Online Redline Guide to collecting Hot Wheels
produced from 1968 through 1972
A site dedicated to helping collectors young and old alike identify Hot Wheels redlines aka "California Custom Miniatures" produced during the Spectraflame years, 1968-1972.  Links to redline history, redline related terms, redline grading and valuation as well as hundreds of redline images.

A redline's value is like any other collectible.  It is only worth what someone else is willing to pay.

A number of factors affect the value of a redline.  Rarity for one.  How many were actually produced, and then how many survived the childhood years?  Condition plays a huge role in determining value.

Redlines can be found most anywhere, but mint or extremely clean redlines are getting few and far between and normally demand a premium.

Variations play an important role as well.  Interior colors, paint color variations, as well as casting variations derived from tooling changes during the production years.  Prototypes have surfaced from time to time as employee collections hit the open market.

There are a number of price guides and books that are very helpful.  Online redline forums are also a very good source for information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
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