I am always looking to buy collections or even individual cars, loose or packaged, from the spectraflame era, 1968-1972.  Top dollar paid for mint examples!  I also collect redline related accessories, vinyl cases, displays and play sets.  Please drop me an E-MAIL, and I would be happy to discuss or appraise your potential sale.

Packaged Redlines:  

Even after all these years original redlines can still be found in the package.  For over three decades, packaged redlines have survived the test of time. 
Ranging in various conditions, packaged redlines can bring a premium price.
Packaged Redlines

 Loose Redlines

Loose Redlines:

Redlines are a hot commodity these days.  Those of us who collect can't get enough of these brightly colored icons of our youth.  Loose redlines can be found almost anywhere.  Conditions normally range from beat to excellent condition.  Mint or near mint pieces as with most collectibles will bring a premium.  Don't be scammed!  Do your homework before making that sale.  Some variations are pretty rare, and collectors, such as myself, will pay top dollar for them!

Feel free to send me an E-MAIL if you have items for sale!

Do you have Hot Wheels to sell?

Cases and Accessories:
Along with the Hot Wheels redlines, Mattel made track sets, play accessories and storage cases.
Vinyl Cases

Trying to find complete or unused pieces is getting tough.

Redline Playsets
Some pieces are tougher than others, but with accessories and vinyl cases, condition is everything.
Top dollar is paid for mint or unused examples!

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