blister pack     the common package used by Mattel for its diecast cars.  Consists of a cardboard base and a plastic covering (blister).
bushing     a cylindrical plastic lining for a redline wheel used to resist abrasion or friction.  Bushing wheels were used on redlines from 1968-1971.
capped     A two part wheel where the redline portion is a cap that pops onto the wheel base which is mounted on the axle.  Capped wheels started replacing the bushing style in 1969.
casting    Casting refers to the process redlines were made.  Casting also refers to the body identity of a redline.
deep dish     refers to a style of redline wheels where the center and inner rim is recessed, giving a more realistic look to the wheel.
Grand Prix    A series name used by Mattel during the spectraflame era for its Indy style and European style race cars.
Heavyweight     A series name used by Mattel during the Spectraflame era for its utility, emergency, and commercial style redline trucks.
micros     A term used when grading redlines to identify tiny imperfections or wear marks.
mottle spots     a surface having colored spots or blotches, in this case from metal corrosion or imperfections in the casting.  Mottle spots appear under the painted surfaces of redlines from the Spectraflame era.  See toning.
peppering     another term for mottle spots.  Peppering spots are normally small and more numerous than mottle spots.  See toning.
redline     a thin red line on the wall of the wheel used on Hot Wheels cars from 1968-1977.  All Hot Wheels cars could be easily recognized by their stand-out mag wheels which sported chrome hubs and red lines (reflecting another popular look in 1968).  Thus, collectors refer to the early Hot Wheels cars as "Redlines" for this reason.
Spectraflame     a transparaent lacquer, colored with eye-popping shades of color that provided a true candy paint finish once sprayed on the Zamak.  This transparent paint used on Hot Wheels from 1968-1972 that consists of bright, reflective colors referred to as Spectraflame by Mattel.
Spoiler      A series name used by Mattel during the Spectraflame era to identify souped up muscle cars from the late '60s and early '70s that were fitted with spoilers.
tampo     refers to the graphic designs on Hot Wheels cars produced from 1974 on.  The term refers to the pad-press equipment (known as a "tampo", named for the German company which developed the equipment) used in placing the design on the car.
toning     to soften or reduce in intensity, color, or appearance, to change the normal silver image to a much darker shade.  A term used to identify the corrosion or breakdown of the metal used in Hot Wheels cars.
torsion bar suspension     a spring-action layout supporting the axles of early redline cars that provided greater durability so impact loads went from the wheel onto the car body without damaging the axle.
ZAMAC (Zinc Aluminum Metal Alloy Casting)     a raw zinc alloy metal that provides reflective qualities.



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